PulsesButter beans
PulsesBlackeye beans
PulsesCannellini beans
PulsesPinto beans
PulsesRed kidney beans
PulsesMung beans
PulsesDark speckled/ puy lentils
PulsesRed lentils
PulsesGreen lentils
PulsesYellow split peas
PulsesBlack belugar lentils
Rice & GrainsPearl barley
Rice & GrainsFreekeh
Rice & GrainsOrzo
Rice & GrainsWhite quinoa
Rice & GrainsBulghur wheat
Rice & GrainsCouscous
Rice & GrainsArborio
Rice & GrainsWhite long grain rice
Rice & GrainsWhite basmati
Rice & GrainsBrown basmati
Rice & GrainsPolenta
Rice & GrainsWhite jasmine rice
Rice & GrainsBrown jasmine rice
Rice & GrainsPopping corn
Rice & GrainsPudding rice
PastaSmall conchiglie/ shells
PastaLasagna sheets
PastaWholewheat linguine/ spaghetti
PastaWhite linguine/ spaghetti
PastaWhite pasta
PastaWholewheat pasta
PastaGF pasta
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksPic 'n' mix- incl vegan/ GF options
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksCouorverture buttons- vegan
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksFudge- vegan
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksChocolate brazil nuts
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksSalted vanoffee cashews- vegan
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksMillers chocolate slabs- vegan/ GF
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksTonys Chocolonely bars
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksTemprd chocolate bars
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksH!P oat milk bars
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksMr Popples vegan chocolate bars
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksDirty Cow vegan chocolate bars
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksChocolate chips
Confectionary/ Sweet SnacksRefill chewing gum
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneySuffolk runny honey
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneySuffolk soft set honey
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneySuffolk jam
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneySuffolk marmalade
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneyTahini
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneyMiso paste
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneyTomato sauce
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneyPeanut butter
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneyAlmond butter
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneyGravy granules
Condiments, Preserves, ChuntneyVegetable boullion
Tinned goodsCoconut milk
Tinned goodsChopped tomatoes
Tinned goodsPlum tomatoes
Tinned goodsPassata
Tinned goodsTomato puree
Tinned goodsChickpeas
Tinned goodsHaricot beans
Tinned goodsMixed beans
Tinned goodsCannellini beans
Tinned goodsRed kidney beans
Tinned goodsAduki beans
Tinned goodsBlack beans
Tinned goodsBaked beans
Tinned goodsVegan sausage and baked beans
Herbs & SpicesAll spice
Herbs & SpicesAll spice seasoning
Herbs & SpicesBasil
Herbs & SpicesBay leaves
Herbs & SpicesCajun spice
Herbs & SpicesCardamom pods
Herbs & SpicesChives
Herbs & SpicesCloves whole
Herbs & SpicesCumin ground
Herbs & SpicesCumin seeds
Herbs & SpicesCorriander
Herbs & SpicesCurry powder
Herbs & SpicesChinese 5-spice
Herbs & SpicesChilli flakes
Herbs & SpicesChilli powder
Herbs & SpicesCinnamon quills
Herbs & SpicesDill
Herbs & SpicesChilli whole
Herbs & SpicesCinnamon
Herbs & SpicesFennel seeds
Herbs & SpicesFajita mix
Herbs & SpicesGaram masala
Herbs & SpicesGarlic granules
Herbs & SpicesGinger ground
Herbs & SpicesHarissa
Herbs & SpicesMint
Herbs & SpicesMustard powder
Herbs & SpicesMixed herbs
Herbs & SpicesMixed spice
Herbs & SpicesMustard seeds (yellow)
Herbs & SpicesMustard seeds (black)
Herbs & SpicesNigella seeds
Herbs & SpicesNutmeg ground
Herbs & SpicesNutmeg whole
Herbs & SpicesOregano
Herbs & SpicesPeppercorns (black)
Herbs & SpicesPaprika
Herbs & SpicesParsley
Herbs & SpicesRas El Hanout
Herbs & SpicesRosemary
Herbs & SpicesStar anise
Herbs & SpicesSmoked paprika
Herbs & SpicesSage
Herbs & SpicesTarragon
Herbs & SpicesThyme
Herbs & SpicesTagine spice mix
Herbs & SpicesSuffolk sea salt
Herbs & SpicesSalt flakes
Personal Care productsSoap bar
Personal Care productsShampoo bar
Personal Care productsConditoner bar
Personal Care productsShaving bar
Personal Care productsPeriod cups
Personal Care productsCloth sanitary pads
Personal Care productsPeriod underwear
Personal Care productsReusable nappies
Personal Care productsReusable wipes
Personal Care productsSafety razor
Personal Care productsDental tabs
Personal Care productsToothpaste in a jar
Personal Care productsElectric toothbrush heads
Personal Care productsToothbrushes (bamboo)
Personal Care productsBath bombs
Personal Care productsLip balm
Personal Care productsDeodarant
Personal Care productsBody sponge
Personal Care productsMoisturisers and balms
Personal Care productsCotton buds
Personal Care productsDental floss
Personal Care productsCleansing bar
Personal Care productsMouthwash (bottle & tabs)
Personal Care productsDry shampoo powder
Personal Care productsRefillable sunscreen
CerealsPorridge oats
CerealsJumbo oats
CerealsBran flakes
CerealsGF oats
CerealsCaster sugar
BakingDemerara sugar
BakingIcing sugar
BakingGranulated sugar
BakingCocoa powder
BakingDark brown sugar
BakingSoft light brown sugar
BakingDesiccated coconut
BakingGF yeast (pre-packed)
BakingBaking powder
BakingBicarbonate of soda
Dried fruitSultanas
Dried fruitRaisins
Dried fruitCurrants
Dried fruitGoji berries
Dried fruitSour cherries
Dried fruitCranberries
Dried fruitCurrants
Dried fruitMixed peel
Dried fruitApricots
Dried fruitPrunes
Dried fruitDates
Dried fruitFigs
Dried fruitMedjoul dates
Dried fruitPear
Dried fruitPeaches
Dried fruitMango
Dried fruitApple rings
Dried fruitBanana chips
Dried fruitCrystallised ginger
Dried fruitGlace cherries
Dried fruitDesiccated coconut
Dried fruitCoconut chips
Dried fruitYoghurt coated raisins
Dried fruitYoghurt coated banana
Dried fruitYoghurt coated apricots
Dried fruitYoghurt coated cranberries
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksGround almonds
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksFlaked almonds
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksWhole almonds
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksCashews
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksWhole hazelnuts
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksBrazil nuts
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksWalnut pieces
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksHot bombay mix
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksMild bombay mix
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksJapanese rice crackers
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksSalted peanuts
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksPecans
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksPistachios
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksPine kernels
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksPumpkin seeds
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksHemp seeds
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksSesame seeds
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksPoppy seeds
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksSunflower seeds
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksLinseed
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksChia seeds
Nuts, Seeds & Snacks4 seed mix
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksYoghurt coated peanuts
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksPistachio kernels
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksChilli nuts
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksDry roasted peanuts
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksChilli rice crackers
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksPaprika twists
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksCrisps (refill)
Nuts, Seeds & SnacksCrisps (plastic free packaging)
DrinksHot chocolate powder
DrinksMalted milk
Tea & CoffeeLoose peppermint tea
Tea & CoffeeLoose earl grey
Tea & CoffeeLoose breakfast blend
Tea & CoffeeLoose British brew
Tea & CoffeeLoose decaf
Tea & CoffeeLoose chamomile
Tea & CoffeeTeabags (plastic free)
Tea & CoffeeCosta Rica beans
Tea & CoffeeEthiopia Yirgacheffe beans
Tea & CoffeeEspresso blend beans
Tea & CoffeeSwiss water decaf
Tea & CoffeeColombian beans
FlourSelf raising
FlourWhite bread
FlourBrown bread
FlourGram flour
FlourGF plain- prepacked
FlourGF self raising- prepacked
Oils & VinegarsExtra virgin olive oil
Oils & VinegarsSesame seed oil
Oils & VinegarsRapeseed oil
Oils & VinegarsChilli and black pepper oil
Oils & VinegarsGarlic and roasemary oil
Oils & VinegarsApple cider vinegar
Oils & VinegarsBalsamic vinegar
Oils & VinegarsRed wine vinegar
Oils & VinegarsWhite wine vinegar
Oils & VinegarsVinegarette
Oils & VinegarsSoy sauce
Oils & VinegarsCoconut oil (jar)
Cleaning & Household liquidsNon-bio laundry
Cleaning & Household liquidsBio laundry
Cleaning & Household liquidsFabric conditioner
Cleaning & Household liquidsHand & delicate laundry
Cleaning & Household liquidsCastille soap
Cleaning & Household liquidsBathroom cleaner
Cleaning & Household liquidsFloor cleaner
Cleaning & Household liquidsSurgical spirit
Cleaning & Household liquidsToilet cleaner
Cleaning & Household liquidsWindow & glass cleaner
Cleaning & Household liquidsAll purpose cleaner
Cleaning & Household liquidsWashing up liquid
Cleaning & Household liquidsWhite vinegar
Cleaning & Household liquidsRinse aid
Personal Care liquidsShampoo
Personal Care liquidsConditioner
Personal Care liquidsHand & body lotion
Personal Care liquidsHand soap fragranced
Personal Care liquidsBath, shower, hands unfragranced
Personal Care liquidsBody wash fragranced
Personal Care liquidsBody wash unfragranced
Cleaning & Household productsBicarbonate of soda
Cleaning & Household productsCitric acid
Cleaning & Household productsToilet bombs
Cleaning & Household productsDishwasher powder
Cleaning & Household productsDishwaher tablets
Cleaning & Household productsDishwasher salt
Cleaning & Household productsFirelighters
Cleaning & Household productsDrain freshener
Cleaning & Household productsWashing machine freshener
Cleaning & Household productsLaundry powder
Cleaning & Household productsWashing soda/ crystals
Cleaning & Household productsStain remover/ oxygen bleach
Cleaning & Household productsBottle brush
Cleaning & Household productsToilet brush
Cleaning & Household productsDish soap
Cleaning & Household productsReusbale bin liner
Cleaning & Household productsEco-friendly bin bags
Cleaning & Household productsCompostable cleaning cloths/ sponge
Cleaning & Household productsSoap rest
Cleaning & Household productsSoap pouch
ExtrasNutrional yeast flakes with B12
ExtrasNut roast mix
ExtrasTVP mince
ExtrasVegan cheese
ExtrasSundried tomatoes
ExtrasDried mixed mushrooms
ExtrasStuffing mix
ExtrasGolden breadcrumbs
ExtrasCrispy fried onion
ExtrasTofu (in a jar)
ExtrasChildren's books
ExtrasWax melts
ExtrasReusable straws
ExtrasReusbale sandwich/ snack bags
ExtrasWater bottle
ExtrasTin foil
ExtrasBun cases
ExtrasParchment paper
ExtrasReusable coffee/ tea mug
ExtrasCoffee/ tea accessories
ExtrasGreeting cards
ExtrasGift wrap/ cloth bags/ paper tape
ExtrasWax wraps
ExtrasWooden soap dish
ExtrasCeramic soap dish
ExtrasBamboo spork
ExtrasMineral based make-up
ExtrasEpsom salts
Frozen foodsFruit
Frozen foodsPastries
Frozen foodsVegan burgers/ sausages
Frozen foodsIce lollies
Frozen foodsPeas
Frozen foodsPotato products
Frozen foodsTofu (locally made)
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