Hi, I'm Lucy, a Mum to two teenage boys and I have a growing passion to be more sustainable. 
I am bringing to Ipswich Suffolk an accessible to all, affordable, one stop, low waste shopping experience: Unwrapped & Refill.

Unwrapped & Refill will allow the community to shop locally, ethically and help reduce their food and landfill waste. The business is a social enterprise- this means I will be putting Purpose, People and the Planet over Profits. Combining business and social elements to pave the way to making changes for an environmentally better future for people, animals and the planet. A percentage of the profits will be put towards some local causes to support the homeless, period poverty and food banks.

At Unwrapped & Refill there is a wide range of bulk food and non food items without excess packaging.

- Store cupboard essentials: flour, grains, beans, pulses, cereals, dried fruits, tea, coffee, herbs and spices, oils and vinegar as refills.
- Personal care, household items and cleaning products as reusable and refills.
- Seasonal fruit and vegetables without packaging.
- Tinned goods, drinks and reusable baby products.
- Fresh baked goods sourced from a local supplier.

Over time I would like to extend the product lines to include frozen loose goods and chilled produce. I am planning to also run workshops to help educate people, for example in basic kitchen skills, repairing clothes, fixing broken equipment and how to be more resourceful.

Shopping in a zero waste refill shop means bringing your own reusable containers to fill with as much food, personal care and cleaning products as you like and paying by weight. 
Simply bring your own containers, jars and bags to refill. If you forget your containers or buy more than expected there will be a selection of jars and cloth bags to buy, or you can use a clean recycled container/ jar for free.
The empty container will be weighed and the weight noted. Next, you fill the container with the produce of your choice, have it reweighed and then pay. 

This means you, the customer, can shop and pay only for the amount needed.

Great isn't it?!
715 Woodbridge Road
Ipswich, Suffolk
Tues - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 10am - 5pm

01473 597715
Proudly made by Cardinal Creative
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